We all use apps every day on our cellphones.

The application can be downloaded to various types of hardware and operating systems (Android- ios)
But the important question is: How do we program an application that works on different devices with the same efficiency?
Are they originally a single application or a different application for each operating system?
There are two types of applications:
Cross platform & Native applications
What does A native mobile application mean?
An application that provides the requirements of a particular operating system,
Using his SDK and the core technology group, as well as the memory of other devices, cameras and software installed on the device

His features:
- Strong and high-quality tasks
- High performance.
- Easy and smooth user experience.
Development frameworks native mobile application:
- Android's operating system:

Android Studio

- iOS operating system:


- What do we mean, Cross platform applications?

A mobile application compatible with different operating systems,
It can be downloaded on any kind of smart phone, tablet, personal computer, smart watch or connected television.

Regardless of his type and operating system,